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Never Do Laundry Again

Back in the office? We’re here for you. Let us handle laundry while you settle back in.

Got Laundry? is a premier laundry pickup and delivery service.
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Shrink your task list with bulk laundry services. 

And focus more on business! Try Got Laundry? once, and you’ll get it. We want to give you back more of what’s most valuable – your time. Our bulk wash, dry, and fold service is delivered right to your door.

Got Laundry? Wash & Fold

Reclaim your freedom! Let Got Laundry? do the work for you.

We Pick Up

We Wash, Dry & Fold or Wash & Hang

We Drop-Off

Two Convenient Plans
We keep things simple while still offering plans flexible enough to suit a variety of situations.
Membership Plan One
Membership Plan Two
Our Services

Wash, Dry & Fold

Our wash-and-fold rate includes pickup and delivery. Members enjoy our flat rate service plus 2-day turnaround time (rush available on request).


Got Laundry? If you’re a school, restaurant, hospital, clinic, or other institution, you definitely do. Got Laundry? can help—and we’ll do it at a better price than you’re paying now.

Weekly Service

Save up to 50% with our weekly service packages billed monthly. Schedule your weekly pickups and let us do all the dirty work.


Got Laundry? works with companies, universities, nonprofits and other organizations to address their needs.

Hours of Customer Service Operation
Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm