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About Us
Less time on laundry. More time with family. More time with friends. More time for love. More time for laughs.

Drop Your Pants!
And Never Do Laundry Again.

Got Laundry? Is a question that everyone has “Yes!” for an answer... Unfortunately, many are unhappy to confess. “Got Time?” “Got Interest in or want to do it?” We all can scream emphatically “NO” is our answer. 
So we set out to do our research. After surveying the laundry services available to families, couples and individuals it was clear to us that there was a need for a customer oriented, modern, green laundry services to satisfy the needs of growing, affluent and time constrained communities. Existing laundry services were not providing the personal level of services needed by these busy and demanding customers.

We quickly discovered we are were examples of our own customer. 
My wife and I created Got Laundry? Over 8 years ago out of need and distress. ( What to read more about our story, read our blog.) Clean laundry is a basic life need. But not having clean laundry during a time of need can cause major distress. Dirty laundry is a problem, it’s recurring, it never stops and it keeps growing, amounting and amassing into tons of loads, which translates into valuable time loss. Laundry requires active management to maintain, something many don’t have the ability to produce. 
Which is why we know being a member of the Got Laundry? Service is your solution. So we created membership plans filled time-savings and value to meet the laundry needs of our customers.
Our company goals are to provide the best product, obsessive attention to customer needs and service, using highly efficient washers and dryers that needed less of our valuable natural resources. We have a team of professionally trained individuals all invested in doing the best job possible for you...

We specialize in caring for the customer and offering the best service for your commercial or personal laundry needs.. - that are processed according to your needs and requests coupled with knowledge and research to follow manufacturer recommendations. Resulting in a finished product that is ready to be placed in your drawers and hung in your closets upon delivery.
It is extremely satisfying to be working with my wife in a business that we own and operate together. It is our passion to maintain high standards of service, a clean environment, and to use energy and water saving equipment that helps our planet while providing our customers with the best wash, dry, fold and packaged finished product possible.


Ray & Takiyah Wall
Got Laundry?

Our Services

Wash, Dry & Fold

Our wash-and-fold rate includes pickup and delivery. Members enjoy our flat rate service plus 2-day turnaround time (rush available on request).

Weekly Service

Save up to 50% with our weekly service packages billed monthly. Schedule your weekly pickups and let us do all the dirty work.

Green Dry Cleaning

No more suits hanging in the blind spot of your car window. No more running shirts and dresses down to the dry cleaners. Just hand them to us!


Got Laundry? If you’re a school, restaurant, hospital, clinic, or other institution, you definitely do. Got Laundry? can help—and we’ll do it at a better price than you’re paying now.

Alterations & Repairs

Whether it’s fixing a broken zipper, replacing a button, letting out a hem, or re-fitting a whole garment to fit you perfectly, Got Laundry? will take care of it! Contact us for details and prices.


We’ll pick up and deliver your clothes at the same time and place every week. You can relax knowing you’ll always be looking your best.


Got Laundry? works with companies, universities, nonprofits and other organizations to address their needs.

Hours of Customer Service Operation
Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 9 pm